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Mindful Schools  Level I Certified 

Transformational Speaker 


Namaste Beautiful People!

My name is Ebony Smith; "The Ghetto Guru" certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach.

Born and raised in the inner cities of Dallas, Texas! I grew up with a secret eating away at my soul. And we all know…secrets are the perfect recipe for a very turbulent childhood. 

I was molested by a woman in the neighborhood at a young age, I grew up in silences. Unable to express how I felt, lacking self regulation skills. In turn, is the “the bad”. 

I became very disenchanted with school. My cry for help showed up in the form of misbehaving and being disruptive, it created the attention I longed for.

 I spent most of my time suspended or in my regular seat in what they call ISS (In House Suspension), “kid jail”.

I became very rebellious, lacking the skills to make choices that would serve my life in positive manner. These poor decision making skills tainted my life well into adulthood. I became an alcoholic, downing my sorrows in vodka.

At the age of 29, after being married to a man I didn’t even know, looking for love in all the wrong places. I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child Zoe. Wanting to have a natural child birth, my Douala advised me to start practicing Yoga.


My soul was awakened the 1st time I stepped on the mat; my heart began the healing process. For the 1st time I was discovering who I was and who I could be.  I grow in this knowing every day. 

My life changing experience with the practice of Yoga compelled me to create Yoga N Da Hood 501(c)3 nonprofit,  wellness outreach organization that teaches people in under-served communities  the art of self healing, self talk and self love through the practice of Yoga and Mindfulness. We offer free Yoga and Meditation classes in a hood near you.  Our mission is to equip individuals with the tools to empower their own life. 

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