Jail Sucks

I am so glad to be out of jail.

It SUCKS for the souls locked up. It’s a place full of hopelessness.

There are a lot of people who just need help and apparently jail is not the place for help.

Some are lost and have never known what its like to be really loved and cared for. It is a strong lack of Social/Emotional development in this population. Hell the in world CRAIG!

Some haven’t been touched in years.

Some are without the support of those who claim to love them most.

No Letters!

No Money!


I meet a woman who is 6 months pregnant . She walked from wall to wall with her belly hanging out of her jumper.

“I can’t believe I’m pregnant in jail.”

Sleeping on a metal bunk bed. I didn’t even see the Medical tech bring her pre natal pills.

But the same Medical Tech saw the need to give me Psych Meds because I refused to eat the slop they call food.

I spent most of my time in silences actively listening to the cries, concerns, fears, hopes and wants of the beautiful souls around me.

Some are mentally ill.

Some doped up by Psych Meds and others unable to cope.

CPS comes to the unit to deliver documents to a young lady in the same unit.

She asked for help reading the documents and understanding what they really mean.

An elderly woman with a Trachea in her throat hoped up and put on her glasses. “Let me see” she said as she took the papers. She begins to read out loud one finger on the hole in her throat and the other holding the papers.

“Your daughter is in CPS custody placed in a tempoary foster home. You have 30 days to find someone to take her or she will be placed in a permanent foster home. You don’t have custody of your little girl anymore.”

The lady took the papers and waked over to the phone on the wall. “I’m going to call my baby daddy, he will go get her”, she said as she dialed the number. His phone was disconnected.

Most of these crimes are drug related.

Do we (YES WE! Let you forget to pay a ticket) deserve to be locked up when we need help.

And if you must lock us up, would it be a crime (pun intended) to really provide some rehabilitation, Social Emotional Development, tools to cope with life, Hell what about some LOVE.

You know those Social Emotional skills not taught in classrooms or seen on the STARR test (State of Texas Standardized test)

Thank GOD for my SQUAD! My loved ones and my day ones. You ALL make my HEART SMILE and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!

If you know someone doing time, no matter what they did they are still a human being, they need and deserve LOVE.

Don’t be the loved one who shows no love.


Free But Not Free

Mrs. The Justice System lacks Justice

Ghetto Guru

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